About me

Glass half full, contradictory, passionate, music obssessed,  been there, done that, foodie, whisky loving,  cake making, reader of many books, would be herbalist, Grandmother, Mother of three amazing sons, partner of their equally amazing father,  proper gardener, Paris obssessed, Mother in Law, soapmaker, perfume blender, cottage dweller with a penchant for big cities and harmonies both ragged and exquisite  who wants to make the world smell a little better. Oh and I love to sing.


2 responses to “About me

  1. Yet she never mentioned…shoes. I was just thinking today how you would have loved and taken inspiration from Cairo…..

    • One week of doing some day care for my adored grandbaby and I needed (relatively) sensible shoes and a good raincoat. The raincoat has poppies on it, there’s no sense in being too sensible after all…

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